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Dryer Vent Cleaning by All Dryer Vent Service by Lint Man in Cape Coral All Dryer Vent Service by Lint Man

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 Some of the reviews and testimonials of our dryer vent cleaning service.

Thank you to All Dryer Vent Service and AK for saving me money and making my house safer! I couldn't believe how much more efficiently my dryer works after having the ducts cleaned. After seeing the signed lint that was removed during the cleaning I have peace of mind knowing that regular cleaning will prevent fire and save me money on my electric bill.

  After reading all the reviews, we picked the Lint Man to clean out our dryer vent. AK was able to fit us in that afternoon. He called to let us know when he would arrive, arrived within that window, and fully explained the process to us. While cleaning our dryer, he found my wife's missing diamond earring! That in itself made our day, not to mention a more efficiently running dryer. We would recommend the Lint Man in a heartbeat!


A. K. did a great job of cleaning out the dryer vent at my home. I had the service the year before and as recommended had it done again at least annually. As always, the job was done professionally, on time, at a very reasonable price. As careful as I am after each drying to clean out the lint filter, a lot still gets by the sides. I highly recommend this service and will keep coming back to these guys, because I know the job will be done right the first time and with care and courtesy.


  AK recently cleaned our dryer vent which we suspect hadn't been cleaned since the house was built in 2000. Great value and very professional service - on time and very courteous. Our dryer is pretty new and it is finally drying our clothes like we always thought it should have. Great job AK - we'll be using you again next year!


   AK came out to fix out dryer vent. Did a complete job and we were pleasantly surprised that he was much more thorough than any other company we have used in the past. Good pricing and left everything clean and working great. We will be calling on Lint Man again. Clothes are drying in half the time now.


 My in-laws had a dryer problem. They called Sears, but they couldn't come out for two weeks. They then called Lint Man who came out that same day, cleaned out their vents from top to bottom at half the cost that Sears would have charged. Lint Man is our hero!!!

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